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Clients are often surprised to find that addressing one area often results in dramatic, fulfilling True Growth in another.


Here are some examples in which our guidance took a client beyond success into transformative change in areas of their personal and work life.


Areas of Transformation:

• Business Growth and Success

• Family Harmony

• Workplace Harmony

• Individual Growth


How do you make a non-winning team start winning again? TGP was called in to answer this question for a once highly successful professional auto racing team. After three years with no wins, the team was frustrated.  The most experienced Driver on the team was so discouraged, he was beginning to have second thoughts about continuing to race. Worst of all, a key team member, and wife of the Crew Chief, passed away during the race season.  Despite all the advantages of being a World Class team, they seemed hopelessly unable to regain their former, winning level of success.  


TGP’s first task was to uncover the individual and group roadblocks that the team didn’t know they had. For instance, we worked with the aforementioned driver to help him reconnect with his passion for racing, his confidence as a winner and the support and appreciation of those around him.  We also guided the Crew Chief from a place of loss after his wife’s passing, to one of life-changing, positive transformation.


After working together for less than six months, the team was reborn. They posted the highest percentage of first and second place finishes in the history of the sport and were off to the best start in their 20+-years as an organization. The driver has since restored his joy of racing and is more fulfilled than ever.  The Crew Chief’s multiple teams are now winning again, he reconnected with his daughter, improved his health, and reignited old passions while finding new ones. To have a profound impact on others, he is writing a book about his experience and has created a foundation in his wife’s name. He freely admits that the new success in the business of racing had everything to do with his growth as an individual and little to do with racing itself.

Racing Team Finds Transformational Growth at the Finish Line

Areas of Transformation:

• Business Planning  

• Family Harmony

• Workplace Harmony

• Individual Growth


Families and family businesses both come with their share of challenges. A family-owned company was struggling with some dysfunctional dynamics and leadership challenges as they looked to transition their business to the next generation. Naturally, the negativity was affecting employee morale throughout the entire company.


TGP’s first step was to administer an organizational health assessment of the leadership team. One of the findings identified a next generation family member as having strong leadership potential. With proper coaching and training, the family member is now exhibiting leadership in a new role and making a valuable contribution to the company.  The negative dynamic between the family members is now resolved and the executive leadership has more time to devote to decision making and putting together a multi-year strategic plan. Today the company and the family are in a substantially better place.

Transformational Growth Keeps Success

in the Family

Areas of Transformation:

• Financial Profitability

• Workplace Productivity

• Work/Life Balance

• Workplace Harmony

Even when time is tight, there’s always room for Transformational Growth. TGP was called in to help a financial solutions company as they went through a major, internal restructuring.  The project required the handling of many sensitive and difficult personnel issues with the potential for lawsuit or other negative consequences.  Simultaneously, the company was under pressure to close several lucrative deals, and did not have the time to spend on other mission critical activities.


TGP was able to step in, handle the interim personnel situation, and in the process, alleviate the executive team’s anxiety regarding compliance, hiring, training, and developing personnel. Soon after, TGP was able to introduce and place some candidates within the company who were already trained and ready to contribute. Finally, the personnel issues that caused the restructuring in the first place had raised concerns about the company’s visibility.  TGP worked side by side with the firm to build an ideal corporate culture while ensuring the company stayed consistent with its beliefs and goals.  With recommendations in place, the company shifted their focus to increasing employee satisfaction, thereby increasing profit.


The company now has an unlimited vacation policy, the ability to work remotely as needed and family time off to allow a work/life balance. We also helped develop a company handbook to ensure HR compliance in the future.  With our recommendations in place, the company shifted their focus from increasing profit to increasing employee satisfaction.

Financial Company Finds Profit in Personnel with Transformational Growth

Areas of Transformation:

• Financial Success

• Dream Fulfillment

It all started out with a request to solve a routine financial problem for a client. But in getting to know him, we uncovered his deep dissatisfaction with his profession and his true goal in life: he wanted to own a professional hockey team.  


TGP worked with the client as a business advisor to find a team that fit his criteria, and at his own request, kept the client’s emotional instincts in check. We introduced the business opportunities that were inherent in the investment, such as operating the rink as a venue for entertainment and special events.


The client then sought TGP’s help in evaluating the organizational structure of the team.  When our assessment tool revealed a mismatch between the existing leadership and the strategy for the team, we helped the client restructure his business processes and systems and make the personnel changes necessary to make the team more successful in the long run.


By helping our client to shift his business model from that of a professional hockey team to an entertainment venue, they can expect to see a significant increase in profitability in the coming years. Within a year, we helped the client fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a hockey team, and best of all, focus more time doing what he loves to do in life.

Transformational Growth Keeps

An Eye on the Puck



Beyond Success. Beyond Growth. BE Transformed.